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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Pittsburgh, PA

Get the professional guidance and assistance you need to overcome the burden of serious debt from Brad Hamric, P.C. Attorney at Law. The stress of juggling high payments and supporting a family can only be dealt with for so long. If you are ready to move on in life without financial hardship, then our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Pittsburgh, PA, can help.

When you need an attorney for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, trust the practice backed by decades of dependable, compassionate service. Since first opening our doors more than 23 years ago, we have continued to earn a reputation for honest counsel and personalized attention. Our long-time experience enables us to determine the right filing solution for your situation, ensuring you receive the results you desire.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer with Extensive Experience

Take the next step toward financial security by hiring our Pittsburgh Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer. The legal experts we employ specialize in delivering solutions to assist clients with debt relief and guidance through the bankruptcy process. 

Any member of the team can guide you through filing, guaranteeing the process is completed properly and successfully. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is specifically designed to allow you to restructure the different payments or debts you owe. While this may seem like debt consolidation, this form of bankruptcy does much more than simply consolidate personal loans, credits cards, and other types of unsecured debt.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Pittsburgh PA

Why Hire an Attorney for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

When handled by the knowledgeable lawyers from our practice, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy has the ability to alleviate financial strain and guarantee future stability. The personalized reorganization plans we create allow those with a steady income to save up while paying off debts.

All restructuring plans must meet a number of set requirements, so failing to work with a Ch. 13 bankruptcy lawyer like ours may mean that your plan is rejected. Because your Chapter 13 plan must be filed with or shortly after the bankruptcy petition, it is in your best interest to begin working with one of our bankruptcy law experts today. The Chapter 13 plans we design are capable of producing all of the following beneficial results:

 Preventing the Foreclosure Process |  Securing Assets, Wages, & More |  Stopping Collections Activities |  Dividing the Interest of Debts

Learn More about Filing from a Ch. 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Get started on the planning process by taking advantage of a free consultation at our law office. With the guidance of our Ch. 13 bankruptcy attorney, you can once again feel confident about what the future holds.

Are you interested in learning more about how to restructure your debts through Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Contact Brad Hamric, P.C. Attorney at Law to set up a consultation with our Chapter 13 attorney. We work with clients form Pittsburgh, Brentwood, Baldwin, Pleasant Hills, South Hills, West Mifflin, and McKeesport, Pennsylvania.